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We bring people and ideas together.

The Postgraduate Research Hub is an international community of postgraduate students who have found their home online. Looking for community? Join us today!

Our Story

The postgraduate research hub (PGRH, for short) has been connecting postgrads internationally since 2022.
Postgraduate research can amplify a very niche type of loneliness. We need solitude and privacy to carry out our research, but we also crave connection and solidarity. In 2022, we founded the PGRH hoping to form a group of 20-50 members. Turns out, there were a lot more people out there looking for a digital home like ours! Will you be the next researcher to join our movement?

What We Offer

Our Discord server is the heart of our community. This is where our members gather to check in for the day, post their daily and weekly to-do lists, share useful resources and more. Here are a few highlights of what you’ll find:

Coworking Groups

Our coworking room is open 24/7. Postgraduate work can be lonely, so pull up a chair and send a flare up to let other students know you're working. weekly scheduled groups happen twice every Thursday.

Coffee Hang Outs

Sometimes you need to blow off steam with other people who know the postgraduate life struggles. Grab your timezone-appropriate beverage and join us once a month for chats.

Researcher Connect

Our community is home to almost 1,000 researchers worldwide. Our researcher directory allows you to browse researcher profiles and connect with others in your areas of interest.

Monthly Challenges & Events

It's not all work and no play at the PGRH. Every month we host community challenges and events. Keep up to date with what's happening every month in our Announcements channel.

Our Team

Kayla Cooley


Amy Bradley


Caitriona McMahon Cooley


Joshua LeClair

Lead Moderator

Rebekah Rodriguez


What Our Members Say

What does PGRH mean to you?

The space to be vulnerable with people in the same situation – where it is ok not to be ok about my Phd, but to celebrate the wins and console with the losses.

A space where I can share time with wonderful humans and who help me to keep focus while I have this wonderful travel to my dreams.

Community! It’s so great to have others to share struggles and successes with, makes grad school much less lonely ☺️

As a ‘freelance ECR’ I don’t have much community with academic colleagues. The PGRH is a wonderful community where we offer each other support, friendship, listening when things go wrong (as they inevitably do in academia), and – most importantly – co-working sessions, when working from home leaves us easily distracted!

It’s lovely to have ‘water cooler’ activities like coffee hour and the book group, too, where we can get to know each other beyond the face on the screen in co-working. And I enjoy being able to share my experiences from my PhD with others who are still working on theirs. (I hope that’s useful to them!) Thank you to everyone who runs this awesome community, which has been such a great source of support to me over the past few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coworking sessions happen over on our Discord server. Once you join, you’ll be prompted to complete some onboarding tasks. Once you do, you’ll have access to the whole community, including our coworking voice channel!

We post an announcement on the 1st of every month in our #announcement channel with details about all the good stuff coming up that month. On top of that, we’ve got a shared community calendar and will post important updates on our blog!

Unfortunately not. Our members come to our community to engage in activities that allow them to connect, unwind, feel productive and have fun. We have found ourselves inundated with help requests in the past and so have chosen to protect our members’ time by blocking these requests from the outset.

There are a few different ways to get in touch. If your query is related to Discord, you can log a ticket at the #help-desk channel. If you’ve got a collaboration request / business enquiry or a more general query you can submit a contact form or email us!

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Research can be lonely. Come find community!

Stay Connected

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