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June Update: Pride Month at PGRH

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Hi friends! We’ve had a bit of a website spruce lately and so, we’re pushing out our monthly updates internally on the server and externally here for potential new friends and members to see! As always, there are so many things to see, do and get involved in across the Postgraduate Research Hub this month, but first of all…

Happy Pride Month!

As Rodgers and Hammerstein once wrote, “June is bustin’ out all over!” And here we are, busting out a June update (as well as a colourful new logo and some new pride emoji) for everyone.

Co-Learning Connoisseurs

With the success of the new ⁠Co-Learning Forum, we’ve pivoted our monthly featured role for June towards the excellent collaborations we’ve seen there. Thanks in particular to our featured members for their contributions — enjoy the top(ish) spot on the sidebar as our new ‘Co-Learning Connoisseurs’ 🤓 This month we’re handing it over to you — what online workshops are you excited to do, and can we join? Have a look at past events for templates you can steal, or join in the next one that mod Rebekah has planned!

Research as Storytelling: Retelling Your Research in Different Ways on 10 June at 2pm GMT. Hosted by the School of Advanced Study at the University of London (sign up here)

Summer Self-Care Challenge

A server favourite, our self-care challenge is coming back to the #self-care channel of the server over the summer. Can you accomplish (and post!) a daily act of self-care this month? Photographs are encouraged, but optional! Like last time, you can sign up in ⁠our #reaction-roles channel for daily reminders, and our most inspiring entrants will be recognised as our featured members next month!

orange tabby cat sleeping on white textile


June Feature: Accountability Partners!

Want to make the most of the summer term? This month, we’re looking at our ⁠#accountability-partners channel to match people up with running buddies to keep you motivated and on track for whatever it is you’re working on (and/or make sure you take that holiday!). You can post your projects and needs in #accountability-partners using the following form as a template, or changing it to suit your needs:

Time Zone:
Goals/Objectives (briefly describe what you’re working towards):
Frequency of Check-Ins (how often you’d like to touch base with your partner):
Preferred Accountability Partner (optional; if you have any specific preferences for who you’d like to partner with):
Additional Information (anything else you think potential partners should know about you):

Third Thursday Coworking Session

For our non-European friends, Rebekah has arranged a third coworking session that might fit your Thursday (or Friday, if you’re part of the Oceanic contingent) a bit better! From June, you can join us for organised fun Coworking at…

    • Thursdays at 9:00 AM GMT
    • Thursdays at 2:00 PM GMT
    • Thursdays at 8:00 PM GMT

Other Server Events

    • Monday mornings begin with the led Pomodoro sessions run by Joshua and Jana from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM GMT.
    • Coffee hour with Amy will be at the back end of the month on 28 June at 10:00 AM GMT.
    • The Bookies are reading Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and meeting on June 20th to chat all things heaven, hell and in between. It’s not too late to start reading!
    • Our bimonthly Journal With Me event will be hosted by Steph on June 25th at 1:00 PM GMT. Bring your notebooks, stickers and writing utensils for a cosy community hour!

We’ve launched our latest project Mapping the PGRH, check out our member map!

You can get reminders for any of these events and groups by picking up pingable roles in ⁠#reaction-roles …and as always, if there’s anything you’d like to see, please share your idea in #server-suggestions!

Until next time, stay curious, stay caffeinated, stay connected!

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